Who We Are

Todd Jensen

Mastering Engineer

Mentored by Grammy Award Winner Blake La Grange

With over 25 years of audio expertise, Todd Jensen is a multifaceted professional. His roles include Mastering and Mix Engineer, as well as being a Producer, Band Leader, Musician, DJ and founder of BIG TECH Records, whose mission is to provide a platform for burgeoning new artists. Todd has also had the good fortune to be mentored by  Grammy award winner Blake La Grange when he completed the esteemed mentoring programs ‘Mastering Accelerator’ and by Caleb Loveless with ‘The Reverse Engineer’.


Todd’s approach begins with inquiry and consideration. He closely partners with his clients, ensuring that every project reaches its utmost potential.His adaptability helps craft emotive albums that deeply connect.


Todd is plugged into a wide global network of music production professionals, through which you will enjoy unparalleled assistance across the field.


When you work with Todd Jensen on your mastering and mixing projects, you get more than a service; it’s an immersion in a sonic journey shaped by experience, passion and collaboration. Elevate your sound with Todd today.


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